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May 1, 2018

In this weeks episode, the ladies discuss their recent night out with the Bitch Sesh girls, and their extreme joy at the news that the Golden State Killer was finally arrested! Amber and Nathalie break down their top 10 tips for starting a plant-based diet. Whether it's figuring out why you want to make this lifestyle change, how much protein you actually need, supplements or how to be plant-based while traveling, the #goodbabes cover it all!

Things Mentioned:
Article about catching the Golden State Killer
I'll be gone in the dark - Michelle Macnamara
Amber Amsterdam Travel Diary Blog Post
Amber Blog Post - why I'm ditching the Vegan label
Soil Based Probiotics

Protein Facts:
- NutritionFacts.Org - Protein
- How Fiber Lowers Cholesterol
- Do Vegans get enough Protein?

Podcast Recommendations:
- Amber: Criminal with Phoebe Judge
Nathalie: Deep Dive with Dana Falsetti

In Real Community, we share feedback from listeners and our good friend Patti regarding our most recent episode about crystals and creating a positive energetic space. We also share a lovely message from @yogajulieana.

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