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Two ladies living in Southern California navigating real health, relationships & wellness.

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May 29, 2018

This week on the Real Good Podcast, Amber & Nathalie talk about the bummer of paying bills, not being able to eat beignets in NOLA, buying cute workout clothes and XXL probiotic yogurt. The ladies chat about their own struggles with figuring out digestion, bloating and food allergies. They break down tips for finding overlooked or normalized body reactions to food, especially dairy. Should you try an elimination diet? How do you heal your gut? What probiotics should you be using, and how can you introduce probiotics into your diet through food? The girls get into it!

Things Mentioned:

Joy Lab @ Target
Cafe Du Monde
Food Pairing Cheat Sheet
Kimberly Snyder
Whole 30
Bone Broth, Collagen for gut healing
Turmeric Tea, Ginger Tea for inflammation
VegLife Vegan Charcoal Pills 250mg
EverlyWell Home Health Testing
Coconut Yogurt, Kefir, Kimchi
Raw Saurkraut - Sonoma Brinery
30 Acre Farms Jalapeno Kraut

Podcast Recommendations:
- Amber: Being Serena, HBO (documentary)
Nathalie: Total Bellas, Sunday 9pm on E!

In Real Community, we share a review from Rena, "I have a lot of different friend groups and listen to an array of podcasts, but THIS is the best of ALL worlds. These ladies are murderinos but also know who Kristen Doute is and uddiyana bandha core lock. It can be so time consuming listening to a million different podcasts, but this podcast is my one stop shop to hear about all my favorite topics. Amber and NAt are my people through and through, and I can't wait to see this podcast evolve into something enormous. Keep up the amazing work ladies! Please go on tour soon!"

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