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Two ladies living in Southern California navigating real health, relationships & wellness.

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Nov 20, 2018

This week on the Real Good Podcast, the babes are talking about Thanksgiving traditions, strategies for self care and finding gratitude when life gets crazy. The ladies dole out some advice on being kind, conscious & plantbased while not alienating family or being a total douche. They also give you some tips to making sure you take care of yourself and find balance during the upcoming holiday.


In REAL COMMUNITY,  we share an Apple Podcasts review from KarrahV, "Tuesday's have become my favorite day of the week thanks to these ladies! Every time I listen to one of their episodes it's like having a conversation with your best friend. They take about a wide variety of topics that I feel like everyone can relate to. You can tell its genuine because they tend to go off topic from time to time, lol! But that's what I personally love about it! Do yourself a favor and listen to their podcast and you will instantly fall in love with it!" - Thank you so much Karrah, we are so grateful for you being a part of our lady network!


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Amber, Nathalie

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